San Jacinto & Lost Bayou Neighborhoods  

The San Jacinto Neighborhood is designated by the City of Galveston as the area bounded by Broadway, Seawall & 23rd Street. The San Jacinto neighborhood forms the shape of a triangle between 23rd Street, Broadway (Avenue J) and Seawall Boulevard.   Included in the neighborhood, is the Lost Bayou Historic District which has its boundaries at 16th and 21st Streets, and Avenues K and M ½. Additionally on Avenue N 1/2 between 2oth and 21street. As the neighborhood with the longest frontage on the Gulf of Mexico, San Jacinto was also the heart of the development on the beach, and Galveston’s tourist industry.  When the 1900 storm devastated Galveston, San Jacinto took the worst hit! It is estimated that the land area of this neighborhood extended about four blocks further south than it currently does, because that much of it was reclaimed by the Gulf, during the storm.  The houses, and other structures, nearest the beach suffered more complete destruction than in any other neighborhood! As this debris was piled up, and pushed inland, it formed a natural breakwater, or seawall, that eventually saved the rest of the city from more complete destruction.

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