Neighborhood Conservation District

Galveston City Council Approves San Jacinto Neighborhood Conservation District-March 2010
The Island’s San Jacinto Neighborhood is the First Area to Seek this Protection

Representatives of the San Jacinto neighborhood began actively pursuing a NCD designation in September of 2006.  Since that time residents and business owners have developed design standards that preserve and protect reinvestment in the City’s heritage and inventory of older structures located in the neighborhood. One of the latest tools in the list of resources available to neighborhoods, a NCD takes the form of a zoning overlay and can be used to address appropriateness of demolition, new construction, or rehabilitation in both residential and commercial neighborhoods.  The area’s design standards, such as building height and orientation, porch requirements, and lot sizes, are intended to address new construction and not existing buildings.  These standards are developed by the community affected rather than originating at the city level  Read more in the Galveston County Daily news    Read an article in the Houston Chronicle

Read the 2010 Neighborhood Conservation Plan

See the San Jacinto Neighborhood Map

View the Neighborhood Conservation District Ordinance

Understand what an Neighborhood Conservation District is with FAQ


San Jac NCD Committee wins Historic Preservation Award 2010  Pictured: Front Row Alan Kamen, Brenda Lee, Catherine Tinnemayer  Back: Dwayne Jones, Tom Schwenk David Bowers and Brax Easterwood

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